What do you need?

  • Priya Rupra
The artist sources answers from a wide variety of people to the profound question “What do you need?” and writes their responses upon hundreds of grains of rice. These grains are a symbol of nourishment and necessity and are offered to visitors to contemplate or take away as a gift from a stranger. The installation features piles of rice and magnifying devices. Each grain of rice represents individuals, the ratio of words on the rice correlates to South Asian population in the UK.
Mid-August to end-September
Installation produced from and for immersive play therapy.
About the Artist:
Priya Rupra’s practice is born from a combination of her education, research and life experience. Critical theory support Rupra’s contemporary fine art practice, with a focus on diaspora, social hierarchy and cultural symbolism. Rupra’s work often aims to convey difficult subject matters, inviting deeper exploration.