State of Mind

  • Azaruddin Rahatwilkar
Head-sized glass-blown pieces are with steel rods and shaped with a variety of tools to produce distinct and autonomous forms. Photograms produced by projected light through the glass-work reveal an x-ray like image portraying the inner workings of the sculptures. The lines of light resemble fiery neural network patterns and distortions, capturing the intricacies and complexities created as a metaphor for the mind.
Late-August through September
Outside Auditorium (opposite bar)
Blown Glass and Photogram Prints.
About the Artist:
Azaruddin Rahatwilkar graduated in 2021 with a First Class BA in Fine Art from De Montfort University. Azaruddin continues to pursue an interest in the psychology of interpretation and presented a series of automatic and contrived sculptures influenced entirely by the interpretation of viewers for the final year degree show.