Peepul Arts & Culture Show

  • Various Artists
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On 13th May 2023, the Peepul Theatre will host an exquisite Arts and Culture Show featuring a line-up of exceptional Indian classical artists and musical legends. The live performances will showcase a range of traditional instruments, music, singing, and dance performances.

The event promises to be an unforgettable experience for lovers of Indian classical arts and music. You can expect to be mesmerized by the enchanting rhythms of Tabla, Sitar, Santoor, Tarshehnai, and Sarod. These are all classical instruments with a rich history and cultural significance in Indian music.

Some of the notable artists who will grace the stage include Pandit Sanju Sahai on tabla, Kirpal Singh Panesar on Eshraj, and Pandit Ramesh Chandra on Sitar. Each of these artists has gained worldwide recognition for their exceptional skill and artistry.

In addition to the instrumental performances, the show will also feature some captivating dance performances by renowned Kathak dancers, Andreea Ghervan and Jaymini Sahai. Kathak is a popular Indian classical dance style that combines intricate footwork, rhythmic movements, and graceful expressions.

Moreover, the audience will have the pleasure of enjoying the soulful melodies of Anil Bhanot singing Ghazals, and Priti Kaur, a talented singer.

The Arts and Culture Show at Peepul Theatre on 13 May 2023 promises to be an unforgettable night full of enchanting performances by some of the greatest artists in the Indian classical arts scene. If you are a lover of Indian music and culture, this is an event you do not want to miss!

13th May 2023 @ 7PM till 11PM (Doors open 6PM)
Peepul Centre, , Orchardson Avenue, Leicester, LE4 6DP
Tickets: £15 & £10