• Hira Butt
A collection of traditional British style teacups embellished in South Asian decorative patterns using additive materials including diamonte jewels and lace. The teacups will be sourced by the artist and also by participants in sharing workshops and engagement activity. The teacups will be installed individually as precious objects throughout the building to be encountered by visitors for intimate contemplation.
late-August through September
Playful placement throughout public areas
Teacups as readymade sculptural objects with additive decoration.
About the Artist:
Hira Butt is based in Birmingham, having migrated from Lahore, Pakistan, after completing a BA in Fine Arts in December 2009. In 2018 Hira was awarded the MA Degree Prize in Medium Practice at Birmingham City University. Hira’s practice addresses the political, social and psychological impact of the occident on oriental home cultures and South Asian Diaspora.